Wood Floor Refinishing

The quick, no sanding solution to beautiful wood floors!

At Mr. Sandless Houston, we take pride in our ability to bring dull, scratched, and worn hardwood floors back to life and restore their original beauty in a quick, safe, and environmentally-friendly way. Our team is committed to making your home and floors beautiful. We work hard to ensure that you get the nothing but the very best service. Our process has been refined through years of experience, and we’ve gotten wood floor refinishing down to a science. We understand that your floor may be “sanded out” (meaning that your floors are no longer thick enough to handle more sanding), which is why we developed a way to make floors gorgeous and shiny, without sanding. Our system is completely green, so you can enjoy your lovely, refinished floors, without worrying about the environmental impact.

Our process

Step one: Abrade the floor with a pad and wet solution
Step two: Rinse and detail the whole floor
Step three: Seal and finish the floor with matte, satin, or gloss (your choice)

Types of Wood Floors We Can Refinish

-Antique floors
-Parquet floors
-Cork and bamboo floors
-Plank pine floors
-Prefinished or engineered floors
-Real wood floors

Please do not hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions about our services, or you would like to have us refinish your floors. We’d love to hear from you and discuss your floor options.