Why choose us?

Mr. Sandless is one of the quickest, most non-toxic, and most environmentally friendly floor refinishing services in the Houston area (and, in fact, all around the world). We are committed to keeping the planet healthy and beautiful and keeping your kids and pets safe from the harmful chemicals many of our competitors use. We are the quick, no sanding solution to beautiful floors and surfaces and pride ourselves on being quick, clean, and certified green.

Wood Floor Refinishing

Mr. Sandless is here to make your wood floors look shiny and beautiful again, through our three step process.

Other Floor Refinishing

No matter the surface, Mr. Sandless can refinish it.

Commercial Refinishing

Mr. Sandless can make your business’ floors and other wood items look fresh and clean.

Other Refinishing Services

We go beyond floors at Mr. Sandless. We can meet all your refinishing needs.